Corporate Clothing For Brands

The use of uniforms and corporate wear for marketing and communication purposes has developed in recent years in the French context and has moved away from its historical sectors of usage (airlines, retail, etc.). 

The use of workwear and as the French would say ‘’vetements d’image’’ coexists with comfort, adaptation to the workplace and corporate culture. Your professional wear has an impact on the communication and brand image not only through logos, visuals and brand signatures, but also through the various styles of clothing and the materials chosen. Keeping all this in mind, the collection must be in line with your brand and its positioning.

Due to its customisation in terms of colours, materials, styles and cuts, your collection enables the company to be clearly identified in the eyes of the outside world: customers, suppliers. But it also plays a role inside the company, with regard to the employees themselves: it helps to create and maintain a feeling of belonging to a community and contributes to the enhancement of employees.


A Complete Service Solution

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Garment design by our stylist and fashion designer
Research and proposal of high quality fabrics
Production process
Quality inspection
Packaging and delivery


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